1st of July – A new adventure

Looking back at last year’s events, I still can’t believe that I would be in the place where I am  right now. Same time last year, I was struggling with lots of things and in all aspects of my life: family, church, finances, health….. I was so depressed and couldn’t see any way out! There was no way that I would even think or imagine that I would end up here today in this new place. For just one year, we lost our house, nearly lost our children and there were disturbing issues in our parish church, that startled my faith.

Now our house is sold, our finances are getting stable, I’m better and our children are happier. I stopped all my church works and activities, focused on my health, started writing and enjoying life!

I thank God for all these experiences! I thank Him for not diverting these incidents in my life, but simply letting me experienced them and seeing me went through them all. He made me stronger and more confident. I know that storms of life come and go, and that I will encounter many more…. but knowing that my God is stronger and bigger than any storms, and that He will never forsake me,  I can just say, “bring it on!”

This one year, has also been a journey, not only of sorrows and pain, but of love, forgiveness, acceptance and lots of self realizations. Believe me, you come to an age, where you thought that you knew almost everything about life, people and yourself, only to be blown up by the truth that you know nothing at all. If anything, only a tiny fragment of what you thought to be truth.

Well, 1st of July, is a good day to begin a new journey….a new adventure with the Lord and juzt plain me!


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