Hello world!

I had this idea of blogging for some time now. It’s time to put the idea into action! Hello, my name is Gina and I’m just a regular mom, like any other moms out there who has tons of works to do and at the same time, has unimaginable amount of thoughts through out the day!!! Well, hats off to all moms! We are the superheroes and saints of the day!!!

Anyway, I know my english grammar is not perfect, just like me and being me…..far from being perfect. My reason for blogging is to unload some of those trillion thoughts that go through my mind….right from dishwashing to parenting….being a wife…..a woman….prayer, spirituality…all other (crazy) stuffs…and maybe or hopefully in the process, I can discover and learn new things.

Thanks for reading! Maybe I’ll tell more about myself next time….juzt plain me…


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