Prayer and practicality

I’ve always been a great fan of the Carmelite spirituality. Long before I discovered that there is such a thing called “Carmelite”, unknowingly I’ve been practicing their so-called “mental prayer”, so I was told. But honestly, I still struggle with those kind of prayers….meditation and contemplation….. they are such scary words at times…. but very practical. I’m a very busy mom with six children and a full time job. I was looking for an easier and quicker type of prayer that would suit me and my timetable. I’m baptized Catholic and I love the rosary, novenas, scripture prayers etc, that our church provides……but sometimes they seem so long and dry…. Nothing wrong with the prayers, but my life and needs changes, just like the seasons. For now, I love just saying a short prayer and have a friendly conversations with God. Just letting Him lead me….



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