Wake up to reality!

Here it comes again! You can feel and see it everywhere! It brings feelings of joy, anticipation and a bit of stress and concerns as well. It is all over Facebook page and other social media sites. I’m talking about summer and summer vacations! At last, the sun is up, the days are longer, the temperature is higher and I could go out with lesser clothes. Oh no! I didn’t reach my goal of loosing the weight I gained during the cold seasons. I still couldn’t fit the dress and the bikini I thought I would be using on the beach this year. Almost all my friends already posted their summer holiday pictures and which country they are spending their holiday this year; white sand beach, tanned skin, hotel rooms and just having the time of their life. I am happy for them. It looks like that they have it all together; good marriage and family life, well balance bank accounts, disciplined children…..wait, wait! Am I sensing some envy and self pity here? Wake up, wake up!!! Wake up to reality! I knew that I wouldn’t reach my goal of fitting the bikini. I didn’t make much effort to do so. And I knew what my friends lives look like. They don’t have perfect life and just like me, they work hard and now they are enjoying a much needed vacation.

Envy and self pity….they come subtly sneaking their way under our skin and into our system. If unchecked, they will take their other siblings as well, like judgmentalism. If they are given access and permission to thrive; misery comes in. It is the very opposite of what God wants for us. He wants us to be happy and enjoy life to the full. It is a happiness that comes from living with a positive and loving attitude.

I, too, am a user of Facebook and other social medias. I’ve heard it before and am guilty myself of calling it Fake-book. Because sometimes reality is totally different from what the people depict in their posts, be it through pictures or status. They have their reason and purpose of why they post, it’s not for me to judge them. But honestly, I occasionally do fall into the trap. When I see pictures of some friends having good time or spending a holiday overseas, and my kids would ask if we could go there as well, envy and self pity come in. When I see selfie-pictures, I could easily say that they are attention-seeekers and vain. Do I take selfie myself? Of course I do!!! I am such a hypocrite!

It is good to know what I am. Now I can move on and grow towards improvement. Knowing who I am and what I am prevent me from falling into the trap of envy and self pity. If I keep on comparing myself and my life to others, I will always end up negative and miserable. I should stop dreaming of things I don’t have but instead wake up and see the gifts that God has given me right now. I need to wake up and look into the realities of life and accept them as they are. It is a way of loving them and hoping the best for them as well. We might not have gone out of the country for a holiday, the sun might not be shining some days during summer, the water in the beach is still too cold and it has been raining and windy most of the time, but as long as we are together, spending quality time together, loving each other; that is more than enough. That is happiness indeed!




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