The vault

The stresses and conflicts of everyday life seems to have no end. I wake up in the morning full of hope and optimism. Like depositing a huge amount of treasure in a vault I would keep it in, safe and sound. Thinking I could keep it in forever. But life as it goes during the day with all its demands, expectations, peculiarities, craziness and all other stuffs, withdraw from my vault. And at the end of the day, feeling fully drained, when I can hardly keep my eyes open and my legs from moving; I ask myself: was it all worth it? What’s the use of all these things? Then I heard my kids saying:”Mom, goodnight. You’re the best! We love you!”

My vault maybe empty at the end of the day, but I know everything in it were transferred in another vault. And I know that God will never get tired of filling me with His graces to once again to be able to make deposits and withdrawals. 


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