Lenten Journal – Day 12: Listen

Matthew 17:5 – “…a voice from the cloud said, “This is my beloved Son, with whom I am well pleased; listen to him.”

Am I a good listener? Do I spend time and effort to listen? Do I listen with my heart?

Lent is a time for us to slow down and spend extra time in silence; to listen carefully and intently to what the Lord is saying to us. I am guilty of just rushing through my prayer time, always on a hurry to finish so I could go on with my other tasks. Sometimes I am more focus on the “doing” that I miss the opportunity of just “being” there .

Do I listen to the needs of my families, friends and at work? At my work in the customer service, we are very much service minded yet we have service goals that we need to reach. Sometimes it means compromising the time we spend in giving service. At home, there are hundred of things that need to be done. Strategic planning is very much needed to prioritize the tasks. Sometimes I am so much catch up with the goals that I’ve set to accomplish that I don’t spend enough time just being with my kids. Nothing can ever replace the joy of being present in your kids life; to be there and to listen to them, watch them grow and just provide them with good and loving experiences. When was the last time I called my relatives and friends? Do I appreciate and nurture our relationships and  friendships?

Do I listen to the need of others? the cry of the poor and needy? the abandoned? the refugees? the marginalized? those we tend to look away?

God is everywhere and in everything. I need to silence myself so I could listen to Him, at all times and in every occasion.


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