Lenten Journal – Day 36: Truth

John 8:32 – “and you will know the truth, and the truth will make you free.” 

What is truth? Things that our parents told us? Our churchleaders, gurus or others? What is this “truth” that Jesus is telling us? Do we know the truth?

Knowing the truth is different from accepting it.  You might say that you know the truth. But do you accept it? Jesus is the truth; revealing God as the Father and as Love. As love is truth, we love without any deceit or lies. We love as the son loves the Father and as the Father loves Jesus His son. If we accept the truth that love doesn’t demand any conditions or expect anything in return, then we can live more freely. We love because we know the truth that we are loved by Love Himself. We love others knowing that we don’t need others to love us back because our happiness doesn’t depend on them but on the truth that we are loved by Love himself, no matter what. We are immersed in this love, molded and created anew to become Love. 

Once we know and accept the truth, we live it. Everyday becomes a new expression of love and manifestation of the truth. 

This Lenten season, God is calling us to look into our lives and into ourselves. Is there any deceit? Double-standard moralities? Lies? Repent for the Kingdom of God is near. 


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